When you're first diagnosed with a sight condition or first experience loss of vision it can be scary, frustrating, stressful, very tiring and can sometimes result in a loss of confidence.

We offer a range of support services to anyone who is sign impaired, partially sighted or has low vision.

You can access:
  • free email or phone counselling
  • mentoring and life mapping
  • social support, mobility and travel training.
We are also running 'Look after yourself' programmes for clients in the South West. 

Helping you to get the most out of life
Wendy Imashev, founder of Seamless, says: "We think that it is important for sight impaired people to dare to dream and to hold onto those all important life ambitions that give us health and a sense of well-being."

Hear more on our Insight audio presentation.

Now taking referrals
To refer someone or to access this free service yourself, please Contact Us.

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