5 August 2014
Champagne and C.H.A.T bubbles up from Nowhere

Talented and creative festival goers at Nowhere Festival, located in the Spanish desert, made the most of Seamless's new Champagne and C.H.A.T sessions to map out their projects and life plans. 

The lively and dynamic group sessions mapped the way forward to help them realise their potential and ways to succeed in their endeavours, whereas the 1-2-1 sessions helped to resolve issues so that they could move forward with their projects and plans.

Champagne and C.H.A.T has since been developed into CHILL & C.H.A.T sessions, adapted to suit all occasions with a choice of beverages i.e. Coffee and C.H.A.T, Cool drinks and C.H.A.T or any combination that grabs you!

Our  service offers 1-2-1 sessions and group discussions to chat about projects, passions and the way forward.

To find out more about our new service visit our CHILL & C.H.A.T page.
5 September 2013
Good Companions is up, up and away

We're all going on a...Good Companions Accompanied Holiday
Seamless Support Services recently launched the Good Companions Accompanied Travel Service.

Good Companions offers people with a sight impairment, carers and those with social support needs the opportunity to experience classy world travel.

The new service was launched at a Holiday Expo at the Lighthouse Arts Centre in Poole on Friday 26 July.

The champagne reception provided the ideal setting for the gathering to look through brochures together and explore a range of holiday options in the British Isles, Continental Europe, Scandinavia and Australia.

For the equestrians there was also the unique offering from Dorset based company, The Confident Riding Group who provide holidays, that allow your horse to come along.

Good Companions provides bespoke and accessible holidays to individuals in the UK and Australia. It is aimed at those who require support and companionship whilst travelling with the ethos of promoting accessibility and independence.

Find out more about our Good Companions services or contact us now to book your adventure.
26 June 2013
Good Companions Accompanied Travel Service on the horizon

Seamless Support Services is proud to be launching a new travel service to help visually impaired people and people with disabilities to get the most out of life.

The Good Companions Accompanied Travel Service provides bespoke holidays tailored to the individual. We offer accessible experiences in the UK and Australia. 

The service will be launched at a Holiday Expo and champagne reception at Poole's Lighthouse Arts Centre on Friday 29 July 2013. Exhibition space is still available. 

To find out more please contact us.
10 May 2012
Seamless welcomes its first volunteer

Seamless commenced volunteer training in April with the positive result of gaining a new volunteer consultant. We welcome Alison Smith to the team as our South West assistant consultant, offering support with administration, intake, assessment and referral.

If you need something doing ask a busy person! Alison, bright enthusiasm is injecting energy and contemporary relevance into our services. She is married with two young children and, as well as studying at Bournemouth University and the Open University, she cares for her own grandparents. Seamless and Insight are all about helping others to achieve and ensuring sustainability of services and quality of life for our clients, so we're thrilled to have such an experienced and committed volunteer on the team.

See Alison's full profile on our team page.
9 September 2011
‘Insight’ into sight impairment as new service launches

Service users, service providers and supporters heard about how a blind person feels and learnt about social enterprise, at the launch of a new service for the South West on Friday 9 September.  

Wendy Imashev, who has macular degeneration, started the free service to help people adjust to their condition and get the right support in place to achieve their goals in life.

Jonathan Holyhead, CEO of Dorset Blind Association launched the service at Poole’s Lighthouse Art Centre.

He said: "Insight aims to help people who are visually impaired to get the most out of their life. There are direct parallels in that with what my organisation does and we're pleased to support Wendy in her new venture." 

Wendy Imashev said: When I was diagnosed with macular degeneration I was forced to give up the job I had. If you experience something like that it derails you. From two years ago until now I faced many challenges in getting my life back on track.

"Insight is going to be about supporting people through that journey." 

UnLtd Development Manager for the South West, Annabel Sampson, whose organisation funded the project, described Wendy's vision and passion to make a difference.

She said: "Rather than sitting there seeing that something isn't working and wishing someone would do something about it, social entrepreneurs get out of the chair and they do something about it."

For more information contact Wendy Imashev on 07 908 483 230 or email

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